Jeff Michael (jeff_michael) wrote in ant_refugees,
Jeff Michael


Hey, I'm new here, bu I came to ANT in January 1998 as ANT VGM. Joined ANT Live Games a couple months later too. There's a private chat on AIM/AOL where tons of old "regs" (regulars) of ALG and ANT go to. Usually there's at least 10 people in there at at time, 24-7, but there's about 30-40 people that go in and out. My screen name on AIM is Xo Zeo oX. So IM me if you want to know about the chat!

Post what you guys remember about ANT. ^_^
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I thought this place was dead. *poke*

Anyway, most of the people here are former denizens of the Zelda boards.
coprolith, cybersnark, and myself are part of a small mailing list that started about a year ago, oddly enough as a result of a blank email sent from Zerox.
Mailing list? Bah, I feel so left out.
It's been one bumpy ride alright. I first stumbled across ANT sometime before the N64 release, mostly spending time in the WAR ROOM chat, but not very frequently. I was in the Nintendo Fort before the name switch. Now I frequent the contests. And there's also the afformentioned mailing list. Those of us involved became pretty tight, some to the point ot meeting each other offline.
I used to work at ANT (I was ANT Pogo, Dreamcast Editor). Ah, the stories I could tell...