Yomi-kun (vapr) wrote in ant_refugees,

Holy Shitake Mushrooms on a Stick, there's people that actually remember this place.

And I thought I was the only one who actually remembered anything of anything about this place, other than a couple of others. Well, let's see here. going by memory anyway.

I don't really expect a response but damn, I can dream.

I first stumbled onto ANT sometime in July 1997. Yeah, the whole N64 versus PSX flamewars. I remember those all too well since I participated in them alot. I calmed down after a bit though and actually settled down into my own ant name. I went by ANT Creak. Yeah, I can't really recall being popular for anything around Antagonist, but it was a fun ride. I remember a few of the ANT names. I remember one of the buddies I met there helped me with the program I made for ANT called the Antagonist Profile Pile. I still have that application sitting around somewhere. He helped me with all sorts of stuff, mostly artwork related stuff.

After that time I ended up settling into ANT Live Games until sometime in 2000 or so when I migrated to IRC, on Espernet. That has been my hangout ever since really. I still remember all the fun times in ANT Live Games though. And I still wonder what happened to alot of the people I met there to this day sometimes.

Thanks for letting me get some of those strange memories off my chest this afternoon.
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